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Check in is at 4:00 PM on the arrival date and check-out is no later than 10:00 AM on the departure date. Should the GUEST choose to depart earlier than the departure date, no refunds will be provided.  Early arrivals and late departures will be granted upon request when possible and are not guaranteed.  If the guest chooses to depart earlier than their departure date no refunds will be provided. 



An initial payment of 50% of the total booking amount is due at the time of booking. The remaining balance is due 30 days prior to the date of arrival. If your arrival date is less than 30 days away, the total payment is due at the time of booking.   In order to confirm a booking the initial payment and vacation rental agreement must be signed.  If you booked through a 3rd party online site you must refer to them for cancellation policy. 



Rental deposits are governed by the South Carolina Real Estate Commission and deposited into an Escrow account by Sewee Properties. Disbursements are made according to policies of the South Carolina Real Estate Commission. By signing the Guest License Agreement you are agreeing that any interest earned on your deposit shall belong to Sewee Properties.  



ALL GUEST CANCELLATIONS MUST BE IN WRITING via email to reservations@seweeproperties.com  To protect all parties, the AGENT has a strictly enforced policy for cancellations.  Cancellations received more than 30 days prior to the date of arrival are subject to a full refund, less the reservation fee plus related tax.  Cancellations made within 30 days of the date of arrival will result in the forfeiture of all payments made.  Should the AGENT re-book the exact dates at the exact rate paid by the cancelled GUEST, a refund of payments made could take place. The AGENT may cancel a reservation if, in its sole opinion, it is in the best interest of the OWNER. The AGENT will notify the GUEST should this happen and work with the GUEST to provide alternate accommodations or will provide a full refund. The AGENT is not responsible for the weather or other Acts of God and there will be no refunds for such events. The only way to ensure a refund for such is to purchase travel insurance on your own.  AGENT does not offer trip protection/travel insurance. Should the accommodation become unavailable due to reasons beyond the AGENT or OWNER'S control, the AGENT will notify the GUEST immediately and will attempt to provide accommodations. Any provided accommodations must be approved and accepted by GUEST or AGENT will provide a full refund.



Sewee Properties offers our guests one of the best vacation rental protection policies in the industry. Trip Cancellation and Travel Insurance covers you and your vacation investment when many unexpected and unforeseen circumstances occur. 

Travel insurance is optional and may be added to your reservation up to 30 days of your arrival date. Once purchased, travel insurance may only be canceled within ten (10) days of purchase. Reservations made within 30 days of your arrival date may still elect to add travel insurance after verification from the insurance provider. The cost for this insurance is 7% of your Total Booking Charges. 

We recommend you purchase travel insurance at the time of booking to ensure the best coverage. In addition to protecting your vacation investment against many unforeseen circumstances like natural disasters, hurricanes or an illness or injury to someone in the traveling party, Travel Insurance has other advantages including 24/7 emergency services hotline and medical coverage while you are at your destination.



Errors in pricing and descriptions rarely occur and the GUEST will be notified in any event of error. If, in the opinion of the AGENT, the error substantially changes the terms of this Agreement, the GUEST may cancel the reservation within five (5) business days after receiving such notification and the GUEST will receive a full refund. Once this Agreement is signed by the GUEST, the agreed upon rate cannot be changed with the exception of any changes in tax rates. In the event the GUEST finds the agreed upon rate for the agreed upon property has been lowered, the GUEST has 48 hours from the time they receive their confirmation to notify the AGENT of such and a rate change can be made for the difference. 


While linens and bath towels are included in the Rental Property, daily maid services are not included in the rental rate. However maid service is available at an additional rate. “Starter” amenities (hotel-style shampoo bottles, paper towels, trash bags, laundry detergent, etc) are designed to allow you to get settled into the home before having to make a grocery trip. Bathroom towels are not to be used on the beach or taken outside the house. If any sheets, towels, or other linens are damaged, lost, or stained beyond repair the GUEST will be responsible for cost to replace. 



GUEST agrees to indemnify and hold AGENT and OWNER harmless from all liability, loss or damage arising from any nuisance or harm made or suffered on the premises by the GUEST(S) and/or their guests or from any carelessness, neglect, or improper conduct of any persons entering, occupying or visiting the premises. The GUEST agrees that the primary person placing the reservation and occupying the property during the term of this Agreement is at least 25 years old. The GUEST agrees to limit occupancy to the stated maximum number for the property at all times. Occupancy and use of the premises and communal areas shall not disturb or offend other guests or residents.  The island has a 24hour noise ordinance and will fine up to $1,000 if they receive a noise complaint.  The AGENT has the right to terminate this Agreement and evict disruptive GUEST without a refund.



The GUEST agrees to limit occupancy to the stated maximum number for the property at all times. The AGENT and OWNER do NOT allow any type of parties or group events including, but not limited to, weddings, receptions, parties or meetings under any circumstances. Occupancy and the use of the property must be in compliance with town and property owners’ association covenants and restrictions at all times.  Should AGENT discover the property is being used in violation of this term, AGENT will evict GUEST and all monies will be forfeited. 



GUEST agrees to maintain a key in the lock box during the term of this Agreement for emergency or maintenance purposes. GUEST will ensure the rental property has the same number of keys and garage door openers (if applicable) upon departure as it did upon arrival. The GUEST agrees that lost keys, lost garage door openers, or damaged locks could result in penalties equivalent to the expense of replacement, repair, or re-keying the rental property.  In case of lockout during normal business hours a key will be provided with proper identification.  In cases of lock out after hours the GUEST will be charged a $75 service fee.  



The GUEST agrees that the AGENT and/or contractors may enter the premises when the AGENT deems it necessary to protect the safety and security of the GUEST and/or to protect the wellbeing of the property. Please leave a key in the outside lock box for this reason. 



The GUEST agrees to notify the AGENT as soon as a maintenance problem occurs. Issues will be repaired or replaced as quickly as possible, based on the nature and severity of the issue. No refunds or compensation will be given. GUEST agrees that the OWNER and/or their AGENTS may enter the premises for the purposes of effecting necessary repairs and/or maintenance or for any other necessary purposes, including inspection. Please leave a key in the outside lock box for this reason.


High speed wireless internet and cable television is available for GUESTS in all rental properties; Internet access is provided as a convenience only and is not integral to the Agreement nor is it guaranteed. No refund of rentals shall be given for outages, content, lack of content, speed, access problems, lack of knowledge of use, or personal preferences with regard to internet service or cable television. Service is provided by an outside agency and/or contractor, therefore the time and speed of repairs done, if needed, is out of the AGENT’S control. 



GUEST understands that all properties are individually owned and operated. AGENT cannot control actions of other rental guests or residents, including, but not limited to, noise, pets, smoking, occupancy restrictions, renovations or major maintenance projects. No refund will be provided for issues arising beyond AGENT’S control. AGENT will make every effort available to provide GUEST with quiet enjoyment of rental property during the term of this Agreement. Likewise, GUEST understands their actions and use of the rental property must be in accordance with all state and town laws and with respect to offering other guests and residents the same quiet enjoyment.  



With the exception of service animals for GUESTS with disabilities AND prior approval by the AGENT, NO PETS are allowed. Should AGENT discover a pet in violation of this term, AGENT will evict GUEST and all monies will be forfeited. Should damages from approved pets be discovered after departure, GUEST will be responsible for any necessary costs to resolve those issues.  Damages resulting from a pet will not be covered under the damage fee. 



Smoking and open flames are NOT permitted inside the property at any time. Should AGENT discover a violation of this term, AGENT will evict GUEST and all monies will be forfeited. Should damages from smoking be discovered after departure, GUEST will be responsible for any necessary costs to resolve those issues and will not be covered under the damage fee.



GUEST understands that they do not have access to community pools unless specified in the individual property listing.  Passes cannot be purchased on Kiawah Island for resort pools.  Isle of Palms Sports card passes can be purchased by the guest and have limited hours available to guests. 



Some properties have access to community pools, which is indicated in the property description. If so, GUEST has access to its community pool. The pool is serviced by the property owners’ association and is not controlled by the AGENT. Community pools are open seasonally and the AGENT does not control that schedule.  



Some properties have private pools and/or spas, which are indicated in the property description. The GUEST agrees to use it at his/her own risk and to hold harmless both the OWNER and AGENT from any liability. Pool is cleaned and serviced on a weekly basis by an outside vendor, and the AGENT is not directly involved in the maintenance and upkeep of such.  Guest is welcome to use net to clean pool for enjoyment between cleanings.  If the pool is able to be heated it will result in an additional fee. GUEST understands that during the lowest temperature times of the year, a pool or spa heater may not be able to continually hold the desired temperature set for the heater thermostat.  If the pool or spa equipment breaks and cannot be fixed  the pool fee will be refunded at a prorated amount.  If the pool heat is functioning but not to your liking than this does not constitute a refund.  Glass is not allowed around pool areas.  If glass is broken in pool GUEST is responsible for costs associated.  



Wood burning fireplaces in rental properties are not intended for GUEST use due to safety and liability reasons.  Gas fireplaces may be used but GUEST agrees to use it at his/her own risk and is not guaranteed depending on owner preference for guest access.  



The Charleston area consists of subtropical barrier islands and pests are present in the area.  The absence of pests cannot be guaranteed.  Please do not leave any food left uncovered to attract pests.  Properties are serviced monthly to keep pest population under control.  



Motorhomes, trailers, and motorcycles are NOT allowed on Kiawah Island or Wild Dunes inside of Isle of Palms. . 



The use of grills on condominium decks or balconies is prohibited. Any violation is subject to fines imposed by the town and will be the responsibility of GUEST to pay.   Most condominiums provide community grilling areas for guest use.  



The AGENT is not responsible for any personal belongings of the GUEST that becomes lost, stolen, damaged, or left behind. When notified, AGENT will make reasonable attempts to secure items and return to GUEST at the expense of the GUEST.  Credit card on file will be charged cost.  Items left unclaimed for over 30 days will be donated.



ALL damages to the property MUST be reported promptly to the AGENT, who will determine the extent of repairs necessary. The GUEST agrees to indemnify the OWNER for any damages caused by their carelessness and negligence including, but not limited to damaged property, missing accessories, and missing or damaged linens. The AGENT has full authority from the OWNER to collect for damages at the AGENT'S discretion. A non-refundable damage waiver fee is included in the total charges. Should the AGENT find excessive damage in a property above the coverage amount allowed by the damage waiver policy, an invoice will be sent directly to the GUEST and this must be paid within 30 days of receipt. 



Should state or local authorities order a mandatory evacuation of the area, GUEST agrees to comply with the evacuation order and will do so in a safe and expeditious manner. GUEST is encouraged to purchase travel insurance to safeguard against such disturbances or interruptions to their stay. The only way to ensure a refund for such is to purchase travel insurance. 

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